Listing of some of the great CT birding spots. Connecticut has more than its share of great birders , but the one area of the state that receives less attention than it deserves is the northeast quarter. I'll define this area as anywhere east of the Connecticut River and North of Willimantic (Windham), although, of course, I may stretch the boundaries at any time. 2013 - I'm traveling more - to the SW so far, and I'll add some info about my adventures there.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A very special Ct sighting

Way out of the northeast corner, but I can't let this one go unmentioned.  On Sunday, August 1st Dennis Varza spotted a White-tailed Kite at the Ct Audubon gun club property at Stratford Point.  As of this morning it was still being seen there.  What a great bird!  Its the first CT sighting, and the 2nd in New England, the only other one being on Martha's Vineyard in 1910.

Here's a link to a slide show of more pics of this beautiful bird:

White-tailed Kite, Stratford, 8-2-10

Julian Hough has described the bird as second-year, due to incomplete molt of the juvenile primary feathers, but I'll leave that to the experts.  In any case its a great bird, and I hope it stays long enough that everyone who wants to can see it.
 I'll be spending some time in Arizona this month, so maybe I'll see another one.  One was reported this week.  At least I should be able to ID it with no problem!  For that reason, I may not be adding much to this blog for a while.  When I'm back I'll re-cap my adventures.

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