Listing of some of the great CT birding spots. Connecticut has more than its share of great birders , but the one area of the state that receives less attention than it deserves is the northeast quarter. I'll define this area as anywhere east of the Connecticut River and North of Willimantic (Windham), although, of course, I may stretch the boundaries at any time. 2013 - I'm traveling more - to the SW so far, and I'll add some info about my adventures there.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CT Audubon Soc. Bafflin Sanctuary and Wyndham Land Trust - Pomfret

The Pomfret CAS and associated lands of the Wyndham Land Trust provide a largely contiguous parcel of land of roughly 1400 acres. This sanctuary is devoted primarily to habitat for birds and other wildlife, and is managed as such. Both organization's lands are managed by the CAS property manager. The area offers a wide variety of habitat, from farmed lands (by lease) to old fields to areas of woodlands. There are streams and small ponds associated with the properties. There is a large marsh area that provides a spring stopover for ducks and waterfowl, as well as 2 blinds for birders, although it is presently awaiting a new family of beavers to rebuild the dam. In spring and fall there are bird walks scheduled every Tuesday and several scheduled on the weekends as well. In addition to the sanctuary properties, the entire area is rural, devoted mainly to farming, with large forested areas and considerable state land. The sanctuary has proved to be a birding hotspot for spring migration, with several sightings of rare or unusual birds.
I cannot begin to tick off all the potential birding locations for Pomfret CAS. The Center is open M-F 9 am to 4 pm and Sat and Sun noon to 4, and the best bet is a stop in to pick up a map and perhaps talk to Andy or the director on some good current birding bets.
LINK :  Connecticut Audubon Society
A particularly good bet is at the intersection of Needles Eye and Day roads. Needles Eye Road is a right off US Rt 44 about half a mile past (north of) the CAS Center. Just before Day Road there is an old stone railroad bridge abutment, and good road parking just beyond it. There is a rail trail that runs south from the abutment that often provides good birding, and just past the parking area, on the left, there are open fields and trails that almost always have something interesting lurking in them, from Bobolinks to Warblers to Woodcock.

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